Queen Weeb
  Anonymous said:
Have you got nice legs?

idk u tell me

July 3, 2013 with 82 notes
  1. imprisonedcelestial said: yes
  2. slasheripic said: Nice legs, daisy dukes, makes a woman go -whistle noises- (I am so sorry I just had to ;n;)
  3. rhymeandrabbits said: Those shoes are awesome
  4. thegreenjellyfishie said: Yes.
  5. theidealheight said: she does
  6. bmann0413 said: Eh, I’ve seen better. I kid, I kid. :P
  7. cartoonanimegirl said: Whooooa! oAo
  8. rokxmcshadow said: she dooo
  9. guiltyfandoms said: yes. the answer is yes.
  10. daywalkingaway said: HOT TATOR TOTS