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TUMBLR. Calm the HELL down, please.

All this panic about the Protect IP act is WAY, WAY OVERBLOWN AND OVERHYPED.

The only sites in danger are bittorrent websites and others that perpetuate crime, like foreign bootlegging sites and whatnot. If this bill even gets passed AT ALL, and it’s perfectly likely that it won’t. While it’s still upsetting that the gov’t would give themselves more powers with censorship, it’s really only targeting illegal websites.

Bills like these come up every single year, and every single time the internet makes a gigantic fuss over it, only to discover that the grand majority of internet users remain largely unaffected. When you see mass panic, the thing to do is to get second opinions from RELIABLE SOURCES, not social media outlets.

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    … Every time I want to say something about SOPA, my amazing, beloved Midnight beats me to it.
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    It’s worse than that, the law simply won’t work. It’s untenable. It pretends that the USA is the extent of the world...
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    Yeah, but the Protect IP act isn’t the only bill that could possibly come to congress. They’re in committee right now....
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    ^^^ This.
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    Somehow I knew that this was probably gonna be the outcome XD.
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    Interestingly enough, illegal sites are responsible for half of my purchases. If a product is good, people will support...
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  16. allaboutirony said: they already voted against it I think
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  19. shitloadofpumpkins said: thank you Kylee for being the voice of reason. This is just ridiculous.
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