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so many dead homestuck accounts :(

I’m becoming addicted to shitty phone apps I must be getting old

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just curious- why do you reblog some of your stuff twenty times in a day?

Because I’m closing in on 30,000 followers globally who all live in different time zones, and I only do it with my original content. Twenty is a bit of an exaggeration though dude

I’m going to have to add this to my faq :/





I cannot be stopped

this is the most important video i’ve ever seen

This is a spiritual experience.

This video will change lives. Please watch and share.


Kylee is good at Battleblock Theater

u know how everybody has that one friend who’s an asshole


I am good at BattleBlock Theater

why do we play games

So.. just curious, do you cosplay? ._. hopefully this doesn't come off badly, I don't mean it to. You should totally cosplay Anna from Frozen. I mean, she even has those white streaks too, it's perfect :D

not recently since most of my conventions are spent manning my booth in artist alley these days, but I used to!

Kylee: watchin clockwork climb the webcomic rankings
Chikuto: and oh my god

Yooooo you should all do me a huuuuge solid and vote for my buddy Chikuto’s really fricking cool comic Clockwork here!!! IT’S SUPER CLOSE TO MAKING THE TOP 100 WHICH IS A BIG DEAL

You should also totally go read it it’s a triple threat with super quality art, characters and story and I wouldn’t beg for votes unless it was totally worthy of them :D

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I still say Featherbent!Vriska was made to be voiced by you because boobs.

Fun fact: Me being her VA is exactly why she was designed with extra boobage

DashCon: Separating Facts from Fiction – An Official Statement


This isn’t transparency so much as a word salad of blame-shifting.

Claiming “we can’t controvert any rule lest all rules look invalid” is abiding by ridiculous technicality at best. This isn’t a higher court weighing whether a specific ruling will literally change legal precedence. What’s being said is “we don’t want to go back on one rule for anything, regardless how specific, in case people challenge something else we don’t want to deal with.” That’s almost lawyer speak, but I would fire that lawyer.

It’s also not a binding contract. It’s a statement of policy, one that yes attendees agreed to, but is feasibly and without exposing the organization to vulnerability open to customer best-interest interpretation. Terms should apply to the point-of-sale, not a retrograde amendment.

"When you were seated we brought your table complimentary chips and salsa but change in restaurant management in the past 10 minutes means we’re charging you for them. It’s right here on your bill so everything is clear, and we feel bad about it but not our fault you know how it goes."

Let’s not forget that WTNV payment was partially raised, and then refused by WTNV, and so then kept by dashcon, who further decided not to issue refunds using that money they didn’t have to part with.

Refunds can be awarded by a business on an individually decided basis without ever admitting fault or being held responsible for actions done by the business represented. In business ethics and culture that’s part of the function and point of refunds. Just ask any hush-up job by a big corporation or a desperate fast food manager saving her blameless cashier from being further berated because ‘this is more ice than I wanted.’

No one likes being stuck with fees, being given an extra packet of peanuts in consolation for departing five hours late, or getting stranded at the airport [except maybe for richard dunn] when the airline goes “Welp!” And for good reason. Which puts Dashcon in league with the carnival of terrible-or-worse that is today’s airline industry. Inspiring.

After all this, what talent is going to want to show up in 2015 and be perceived as affiliated with Dashcon, I abstractly ask while walking in nature.

I did convention running in my day. Things didn’t always go perfectly or smoothly. But we dealt with it as a committee, with clear roles and purposes, and never, ever did we assail our guests or attendees with the problems and cause panic, insecurity, or ruin the fun. Never be unprofessional in your duties, including how you speak to/about guests or attendees, regardless how those guests or attendees might be, or are seeming to be, behaving. If you’re running a con you gotta make a duck — calm on the surface and paddling like hell underneath.

Long story short: Running a convention is hard work. Newbies can do it. But you have to plan based on fact not assumptions no matter how optimistic you feel, take criticism and responsibility for whatever happens in as sangfroid way you can muster, and rally on-the-ground with alacrity.

Responses I liked in no particular order.








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u are someone I really trust and I know this is something seemingly personal and not rly tumblr conversation but I was just raped... it didn't hurt at all, I didn't feel a thing, I don't feel like it's my fault nor am I depressed, he didn't lay a hand on me and I didn't fight back. I'm not sure if this is yknow "up ur alley" type thing but since u have a lot of followers maybe they can give me advice pls and ty !!!



Call a friend, a family member, or someone else you trust who can be with you and give you support. Preserve all physical evidence of the assault. Do not shower, bathe, douche, eat, drink, wash your hands, or brush your teeth until after you have had a medical examination.

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wheres all the music you made? I love that vriska song :3

Look at my blogfront brah i have links to all my content!