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isabooba replied to your post: yo I think I might try out toon boom o…

Try out TV Paint as well. I’ve worked with both and I ended up liking TVP way more than Toon Boom.

that so? I guess I’ll check them both out! I like having options lmao

yo I think I might try out toon boom or something one of these days because boy am i sick of flash


my ringtone for my dad is kylee henke saying “BETTER THAN A SEX” and it went off during 2nd period

oh my god

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you're constantly saving lives and encouraging and inspiring people from all different situations and i'm just really glad you exist

I just want everybody to be ok! ;v;

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I've been trying for the longest time to get fit but i think it finally hit me this week that i can do it. i started using a food/calorie tracking app and realized that i lost 3 pounds in five days. Let's get hella shredded together!!


2 questions 1 everyheard of the game called the forest it's on steam and 2 what programs do you use to record game play, also thank you for using my tag when i ask you questions it get's people to check out my blog UuU

1) Yes I own it!!! and

2) Xsplit!

when my friends animate i literally shit in my pants

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Please give us your thoughts on the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 trailer

my first thought was “they’re gonna make me play this shit aren’t they”

We brought grandma some cake pops for her birthday and ive never seen her so happy omfg


Isn’t the Rain - hi i’m Case

Another track from hi i’m Case! It’s about something.

Get it on BANDCAMP here!



My friends are doing a really cool thing!!

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What advice do you have for losing weight? I'm trying to loose 15 pounds by next June.

Thats a totally reasonable goal!! You can achieve that kind of weight loss by simply counting calories (you can calculate how much you need to eat online based on your height and weight) and/or by getting some regular exercise! Both is best of course, but in the end it mainly comes down to your caloric intake.