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the doctor appt went really well i think ;v; she was very thorough. gonna start trying some new medicines to see what will help perk me up so let’s hope I have better luck this timeee

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Do you know of any birth control methods that for sure don't involve ANY needles? I want to be safe but I have extreme terrors involving doctors, like.. the level of which I had a mental breakdown in the optometrist's office. And it wasn't even my appointment. I know it's an illogical fear but... I don't know how to approach the situation. I don't want to go in and find out I need a blood test and then be trapped there with no way to say "no" and no way out. Any tips?

Dude nobody is FORCED into anything in a medical environment (unless you’re like, lying on the floor dying or something??) Any medical procedure has to be consented to first! And there are plenty of birth control methods, goodness, MOST don’t involve needles. Don’t be afraid of the doctor! They can’t do anything to you that you don’t agree to!


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huh! weird. maybe it’s the dr you go to I didn’t go to a GP, I went to a gynecologist. I think I was 17 when I had it done.

ohhh well that probably has something to do with it, because I just met with my GP. idk! again it probably varies depending on your circumstances and location \o/

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im 17 and i started BC a year ago and i didnt have to do a blood test, pap smear or a pelvic exam

I’m just gonna hazard a guess that the practices vary depending on where you live?

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Actually if you’ve never been on BC before and have never had a Pap smear depending on the pill, they will have you take a blood test, do a pelvic exam as we’ll as a pap.

really? that’s weird because I didn’t have to do ANYTHING to get on BC when I was like 14 (and I had never had a pap done at that time either) o_o I wonder what the circumstances have to be?

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Hey, Kylee. I was that one anon a few months ago that asked you about you wanting a physical copy of P3 FES. I'm a fan of the Persona series, but not a whole lot, and nowhere close to how big a fan of it you are. What this is boiling down to is, did you ever get a copy of it, cause I could send you mine.

I actually don’t own a physical copy and holy shit if you are willing to part with it I would totally be interested!!

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i'm not sure it's entirely fair to recommend or not recommend antidepressants when their effects vary so so much from person to person. i definitely wouldn't prescribe effexor to anyone who hasn't made a habit of taking daily meds- the withdrawal side effects are notoriously hellish- but it's the only thing that has ever worked for me, so i'd be very sad to see people rule it or other SNRIs out on hearsay when it could potentially help them too, you know?

I didn’t mean to totally denounce the stuff, my personal experience was bad but that doesn’t mean everyone’s would be! The main point to take from it I think is that all individuals react to medications differently and that it definitely might take some shopping around before you find an antidepressant that works and is healthy for you.

Cysts run in my family and I've had an irregular cycle for the past few years. It was never an issue up till now so I think that could be a real possibility. I'm lucky to get more than 2 consecutive periods in a row. However, I'm totally afraid of seeing a doctor. I wish I knew what to do. ;__; Of course, the obvious answer is "go to the doctor" but I have no idea what procedures they'd do to check for stuff like that. Any inside info? It's really intimidating and scary to me, honestly.

From my experience, they don’t do any pelvic exams/weird invasive stuff if you just want to get on the pill! all you really need to do is pop in there and be like “yo doc my periods suck I need the pill pls” and they’ll usually prescribe you right there :) it’s not scary at all.

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My friend has had chronic ovarian cysts since she was very young, she lost one of her ovaries so i seriously pray your condition isnt that bad.

Oh no no don’t worry about me, my cysts are painful but totally harmless! I feel sorry for your friend though aw geez ;A;

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OH! One more thing-- (sorry for buggin ya!) Have you researched premenstrual dysphoric disorder? It's like PMS but 1000x worse and can cause MAJOR depression/anxiety ect.. Doc thinks I have it and has recommended going on 'the pill' to control my hormones. I always tell any lady I know who is suffering depression to get assessed for that.. If you got your depression around the time puberty hit there's a good chance of having that.

My issue is definitely not cycle related and I’ve actually been on the pill ever since puberty to regulate tiny cysts in my uterus (ISNT IT FUN 2 HAVE LADYBITS) so I’ve always been super balanced and regular in that regard;;; this could be useful info for other undiagnosed sufferers, though! Never hurts to explore all possibilities.

ok ok, this is kind of personal so I won't mind if you don't answer it, but I was curious. . About how old were you when you started effexor?? It was the first major depression medication I took in middle school and I. Yeah. it messed me up.

I wassss probably about 14? I forget exactly when since I’m like 25 now and hella old but yeah wtf I know a lot of people who did not have a fun time with effexor

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I'm the anon who was a jerk several months ago and said you need to 'suck it up' and and go get help and to stop indulging in your depression.. I don't even remember the whole thing. I'm sorry. I was on some effexor (SSRI/stimulant) and I was completely out of my mind. I was mean to so many people, including the ones I loved. I've always admired you and now that I've detoxified/switch meds I have many people to apologize to for how I acted. I hope you feel better.. depression is hell.

Dude wtf I was on effexor when I was in middle school and that stuff fricked me up 0/10 do not recommend

it basically scared me out of depression medications for like ten years :/

no harm though dude i mean obvs i am still hanging in there regardless and I hope you are too!

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doctor’s appointment tomorrow ;v;